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Created 31-Jul-09
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Picaresque’ is the latest fantastical escapade from new writer Jack Sanderson-Thwaite and will be premiering at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Two friends on opposite sides of the globe. Twelve counties to traverse in one week. Moose wrestling, bridge jumping and the world’s slowest train are just some of the obstacles that Elijah and Nathaniel must overcome to get back in time for their annual reunion.

In this epic adventure set in a world of curiosities, our roguish heroes struggle through one bizarre episode after another, racing against the clock to make it to their most debauched appointment of the year!

Sweet Heart, 2 India Buildings, Victoria St.
Preview 6 Aug (£5)

7-16, 18-30 Aug (£8/£7)
16:00, 60 mins
Box Office: 0870 241 0136

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