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Award-winning choreographers from the USA, Switzerland and Belgium dance at the edge of possibility.

The first part of the programme presents "A propos de Butterfly," an amazing dance-theatre creation by the José Besprosvany Companie. Maria Callas does Giacomo Puccini’s Opera justice with her incomparable voice as the company merges contemporary dance and gestural hip-hop. The improbable marriage also includes the manipulation of human marionettes and stunning projected images.

The concept and choreography, originally by former Bejart dancer José Besprosvany, has been interpreted by Daniela Luca, Fernando Martin, Jipe and José Besprosvany.

The second part of the programme further explores an unlimited range of creative possibilities and features equally dazzling works by US dance makers Winifred R. Harris/Between Lines, Shay Lee, Lisa K. Lock, Janet Reed and Susana B. Williams

August 9-13 | 10.45
Zoo Southside

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