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Created 6-Aug-09
Modified 6-Aug-09
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“He’s our cause. Mess him up a bit”
Six teenagers meet in a chatroom where anonymity is the first and only rule.
How far will you go if you’re not face to face?

Written for the National Theatre in 2006, Walsh's play takes a fresh look at teenagers, depression and Willy Wonka. 'Chatroom' presents the complex, disturbing, yet ultimately human relationships of a group of teenagers who are able to discuss suicide as easily as passing comment on a Britney single.

Capturing the warmth, spirit and relics of youth, this is an insightful performance for the 'Facebook Generation' as well as anyone who has ever been young.

"Fresh, imaginative and thought provoking... a celebration of the vibrancy of youthful language"

The Zoo 124 - 7th-31st August, 7.15pm

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